Ridge Vent on Roof Building

Feb 28th

Ridge vent on roof – In the summer, improperly vent attics can cause high energy bills and premature aging of your roof material. In the winter it can cause moisture to accumulate in your attic and lead to mildew and even mold problems. If you ask ten different roof contractors about roof ventilation you will most likely get ten different answers. And chances are, not one of those contractors can tell you which ventilation seminars they have attended. Their opinions are loosely form around hearsay.

Ridge Vent on Roof Shingle

Mixing different types of vents can cause indefinable draft patterns that interrupt the free flow of air. The different vent types can actually cancel each other out. The existing turbines or low profile vent holes should be cover if ridge vent on roof is going to be installed. Installing low profile vents on both sides of a roof peak doubles the exhaust.  If you place the vents across the ridge from one another. One side will act as an intake for the other and actually push. The warm air beneath them down against the attic floor (living space ceiling).

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Ridge vent on roof are heat activate with a thermostat and generally do not work to move air. In the coldest months of winter, allowing moisture to accumulate. The thermostats in the power vents are very temperamental, and usually break within the first two years. They require an electrician to install and they run off of your electricity, which makes them an ongoing cost.



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